Slim woman who works for the Temple of Athena n Athens.


Patitus (Pah-Tight-Us)
Medium Human, Lawful Good
No Class
AC 10
HP 5, 1HD8
STR10, DEX10, CON10, INT10, WIS10, CHA10
Prof+2 , w/ N/A
Lang: Common(Greek)
Specials: N/A
Equipment: Bucket with cleaning supplies, servant’s clothing, and 11cp.

No Weapons


Patitus is a small pale woman of slender build with sandy blonde hair and brown eyes. She was born an orphan, found on the temple steps of Athena, and raised as a slave-servant in return for shelter, safety, and food. She attends the few apartments near the temple of Athena where her normal duties are, the apartments are home to mages and she has grown to be cautious and quite in their presence – none have harmed her but magic is rare and a frightful thing to many Greeks.


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