An average half-Spartan warrior who manages [[:seth]]'s helot.


Medium Human, Lawful Neutral
Level 1 Fighter
AC 12 (Leather) 14 (W/ Shield)
HP 10, 1HD10+1
STR14+2, DEX12+1, CON13+1, INT10, WIS11, CHA12+1
Prof+2 , w/ STR, CON, Insight, Intimidate, Athletics(Swim)
Lang: Common(Greek)
Specials: Action Surge, Second Wind
Equipment: Torch, Tinderbox, 10gp, and Water skin.

Short sword: 4, 1D62
Spear: 4, 1D6or82, 20/60’


Menincard is a prominent bastard-son of one of the village elders under Seth’s helot, he has brown eyes, fair skin, and average build with brown hair. He is only half-Spartan but has shown strength and gained control of the guards and deals with the day to day business or other affairs as needed when Seth is gone. He is absolutely smitten with Seth, who plays a woman, and does all that he is told almost without question. He is otherwise stern but fair and well liked by most. He carries a short sword with him at all times and wears his leather/linen armor but only uses his spear/shield when available.


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