Aeetes Booras

Cirio Boraas' son, he is thin and formed with a cruel grin.


Aeetes Booras
Medium Human, Chaotic Neutral
AC 10 (Ornate Robe)
HP 8, 2HD8
STR10, DEX10, CON10, INT12+1, WIS11, CHA14+2
Prof +, w/ Persuasion, Insight, Athletics, Deception
Passive 10
Lang: Common(Greek), Persian
*Aristocrat- Advantage on CHA based skills vs the populace of Greece.
*Fist- +2, 1 damage


Aeetes Boras grew up similar to most Spartans, son to Cirio Booras. He found that he had a better way with words than a sword. While in the wilderness for a year long survival rite, Aeetes Boras managed to talk a farmer into helping him without being aware of who he was. Cirio Booras later had the farm punished for aiding an assumed escaped slave.

Aeetes Booras

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